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Website optimization services that boost website performance, content structure and user experience.

Our approach to technical SEO auditing involves an in-depth analysis of many features, including your site’s speed, crawl-ability, accessibility, responsiveness, and navigational experience. Our SEO specialists are experienced in crawling complex facet structures and millions of URLs, managing site migrations, and providing smart propositions to address technical issues.

Technical Audit

In a technical SEO audit from Frasca Digital, we’ll carry out hundreds of tests to identify any technical issues your site might have. We’ll prioritize our findings by urgency and use them to develop a comprehensive technical SEO plan.

Ongoing Website Monitoring

Technical SEO isn’t a one-and-done deal. Our technical SEO agency will review your Search Console weekly, regularly conduct release-based site crawls, and monitor your search engine results on an ongoing basis. Our technical SEO team will conduct release-based site crawls, weekly Search Console reviews and monitor search engine results pages.

Website Migrations

When you migrate to a new site, there are plenty of chances for things to go wrong. To avoid your site launch being a flop, our technical SEO experts will provide you with clear project requirements, detailed pre-migration specifications, and post-launch site support.

Website Speed Audits

The longer your site takes to load, the higher your bounce rate will be. A slow site speed leads to a loss in potential revenue – to avoid this, our SEO experts will conduct speed audits and provide suggestions on how to optimize your site accordingly.

Technical SEO Consulting

Among our technical SEO services, we provide expert consultations and tailored business solutions. At Frasca Digital , we understand that each business and product is unique, which is why your technical SEO solution must also be unique. Our SEO specialists will work with you to design an SEO plan that meets all of your needs.

Mobile SEO

Google’s algorithm places a heavy emphasis on mobile-friendly sites. If a site isn’t up to par with Google’s mobile standards, its search engine results will certainly suffer. Our experienced technical SEO team can provide you with insight on how to better optimize your website for mobile users.

ADA Compliance

Website Security

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