Your future customers are on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest looking for products or services or services just like yours. Are they finding you?

At Frasca Digital, we provide organic and paid social media marketing services on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Making a positive first impression of your brand on social media is key for any company to succeed in the always-on digital consumer ecosystem.

We also use re-marketing ads to regularly remind potential customers about your business once they have visited your website or social media page.

Our Step-by-Step Approach to Social Media:

  1. Strategy Development: We build a custom strategy by curating insights from the brand intelligence, market intelligence including industry, consumers, and competition. Our Instagram specialists collaborate with your team to validate the strategy. We align the strategy to ensure it delivers your business goals and maximizes your social media returns. Post the completion of discovery session, an outreach plan is crafted that includes campaigns, creatives, content formats and tactics that aim to deliver tangible results for your Instagram.
  2. Content Creation: Follow up to the strategy finalization, our creative team ideates content formats that can be built to engage your audiences. We curate and create content for Instagram by referencing the industry influencers, and market trends. Our specialists build a content calendar with convincing copies that focus on narratives. Once the content is signed off, our creative lay it with visualization that bring out your brand imagery on Instagram. We follow a stagewise project workflow that includes approval matrixes and is set on automation tool, Trello.
  3. Implementing Growth: Once the brand page, tonality and content is created, our Instagram marketing specialists commence executing the strategy. We focus on building a steady follower base with consistent engagement. In order to achieve this, our specialists leverage the proven best practices across the globe. Our growth tactics fuse paid promotions with organic to amplify your channel’s reach and propagate your message. We aim at delivering quality campaigns that result into garnering engagement rates for your channel and build the popularity for your brand on Instagram.
  4. Monitoring: We monitor your Instagram channel on a real-time basis. In case of any customer query or grievances, our team alerts your team and provides them with a suitable response. We monitor comments, queries, messages, reviews and respond to it appropriately. On a monthly basis we provide a report of the insights of the mentions that can guide your team to generate blogs, communication and alter our campaigns. Monitoring services are provided on real-time basis and we usually recommend tools for large and medium brands.
  5. Reporting & Analytics: Instagram marketing can be effective only when it adds value to your business goals. Hence, our Instagram marketing specialists create a monthly report that gives your team a hindsight of your brand’s performance. We measure our performance against the benchmarks of your industry and competition. The report delivers key performance metrics (KPIs) like impressions, reach, profile visits, hashtag impact, clicks, video views, likes, Instagram referral traffic, leads, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates. We highlight the course corrective methods in the report as a way forward recommendation.

Social Media Platforms we Support


It’s no question that Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. With all those opportunities to make a good first impression with thousands of prospective clients, shouldn’t your business be part of the conversation?

Our Facebook Marketing Services will help you:

  1. Maximize the potential of Facebook marketing. We will help to open up avenues for you to focus on other important aspects of your business that need your attention. Our specialists will be improving your page and generating the traffic and reach your desire outcomes.
  2. Create Facebook Content. You can expect unique copywriting, and creative images that would reflect your brand and drive business
  3. Design and implement a right Facebook Strategy. Our Facebook management experts will learn more about your business through a brief questionnaire, kick-off call, and independent research. Our Facebook specialists will use the information gained in discovery to develop a plan to help you accomplish your goals. This plan will cover the type of content we will post, methods of attracting followers, and how we will boost engagement on your account.
  4. Active monitoring and maintenance. Daily or regular monitoring during normal business hours
  5. Facebook Reporting. Reporting through a robust analytics software that is accessible at any time. You will be able to see your account progress, key metrics, and other data points associated with your campaign.

Why Choose Our Facebook Marketing Services?

It goes without saying that Facebook is the most popular social media platform and where people across age, section, demographics including our existing as well as prospective customers go for advice, images, and reviews before they find you and make a purchase. Updated Facebook pages are essentials when consumers are on the lookout for a new product or service to meet their needs. Managing and updating Facebook regularly is the key to success among the millions of business pages on Facebook. A well visited Facebook Page with captivating content, strong engagement, and positive reviews, indicates and ensures your business will rank top in customers’ minds over your competitors when they are ready to make a purchase decision.


If done right, Instagram management services can augment a brand’s presence and cultivate a unique bond with the consumer. Onboarding social media strategists like us who have years of experience on working with Instagram, aids in achieving your social media goals while maximizing your ROI.

Our social media specialists develop strategy based on research and insights gathered from industry trends, consumer trends, brand intelligence, and competition audit. Your dedicated social media account manager implements the tailored pathways and creates a spark with your consumers. Our team expertise in delivering technologically innovative solutions that scales your brand interactions. 

  1. Instagram Page Management: We build Instagram profile pages, enhance the design, establish the tonality and imagery for the brand. Our social media specialists create strategies that aim to deliver your marketing goals. We focus on optimizing the page using branded and non-branded hashtags, building network, commenting on relevant posts, garnering shoutouts, promoting website and product, connecting with industry influencers, managing posting content, and garnering user-generated content.
  2. Instagram Community Engagement Services : Video posts on Instagram receive 38% more engagement than image posts. With focus on garnering user engagement, we create unique videos that compliment your brand’s content. Our creative and copywriting team collaborate to create GIFs and videos that garner customers attention. At Frasca Digital, we deliver digital experiences via visual storytelling in the most appropriate way that bridges the gap between the brand and their consumers.
  3. Instagram Ad Management: In order to achieve sustained growth on Instagram platform, our social media specialists recommend paid promotions as part of your Instagram strategy. The paid promotions help in increasing the pace of your Instagram growth. Our Instagram marketing specialists setup ads by leveraging Ads Manager and setup campaigns including goals, target audience, behavior, creative and budget allocation. The Instagram marketing expert optimizes the campaigns to lower the cost-per-acquisition and generate higher return-on-investments. A fortnightly and monthly reporting of Instagram performance is presented to your team with the way forward recommendations.
  4. Instagram Listening: With over 1 Billion users on platform, searching brand mentions can be a time-consuming task. Our Instagram marketing team researches branded conversation using the best social media marketing tools in the industry. We are adept at identifying potential crisis conversations and reporting the same to your team who can build a risk-mitigation plan. Our Instagram marketing involves presentation of monthly insights on brand mentions that include comments, queries, grievances, and influencer interactions. Additionally, we present share-of-voice, brand sentiment, and brand influencers and detractors.


Today more than 400 million people around the globe use Pinterest every month. Being a visual search engine, Pinterest users are actively searching for ways to be inspired and to plan. As a marketer, this audience is of great value to your business as they are looking to engage with your content and take action.

Pinterest Marketing is a trending social media marketing platform, engaging a million users on the daily routine. It has the potential to open doors for business opportunities by getting more traffics. Pinterest Marketing helps to convert visitors into clients with innovative and proper planning. To reach more audience in short time for expanding the business, a well-defined strategy for Pinterest is needed.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social media platform that relies greatly upon visuals (also known as ‘Pins’) to connect with your customer profile. This largely visual format can play a respected role in a social media marketing strategy and it’s an especially important network for brands with a tangible product, i.e. clothing, food or furniture shops.

It can also be highly effective in terms of improving brand recognition, and like many of the social platforms; you have the opportunity to create a business page. This gives you the starting point for creating your own boards made up of Pins for prospective customers to find, share and engage with, but a strategy is required for success, and Frasca Digital can create the ultimate blueprint for your business.

We’ve included a guide below to give you more information on how Pinterest works and how we can help you create sharable content on this platform, whilst the video below will give you an insight into the advantages of our social media marketing packages, which Pinterest can very much be a part of.

Notable Demographic Data on Pinterest

  • Pinterest has a strong user base of women (77%), however the male audience is growing… 40% of U.S. Dads are now on Pinterest where they are researching, shopping and planning for fatherhood.
  • 64% of pinners described Pinterest as a place to find ideas, products or services they trust.
  • Pinterest is truly global with 50%+ of pinners living outside the US.
  • Pinterest has a longer pin lifespan than any other social network. High-performing pins can drive traffic for years (honestly) compared to other social networks posts being seen for as little as 18 minutes to 48 hours.

You can leverage our paid + organic marketing services in multiple ways:

  • Gain visibility on channels that you don’t own or control
  • Expand outreach and increased footfalls on your site
  • Promote content and build thought-leadership
  • Build brand awareness and create mind share
  • Generate leads and increased sales via Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
  • Grow revenue and build strong pipeline with both quality and quantity or volume of traffic, leading to meaningful engagement and collaborations

Who We Work With

Small Business Owners

As small business owners ourselves, we understand that running a business can be overwhelming. We help simplify Facebook Ads and we provide transparency about our work activities, so you know exactly what we’re doing to improve your results. Plus, we’re always available to answer your questions.

Marketing Managers

With our Facebook Ads services, we act as an extension of your company’s marketing department, providing you with support in the areas where you need it most. Plus, we’re also available for Facebook Ads consulting to provide an outside expert perspective.

Marketing Consultants

We partner with marketing consultants to provide Facebook Ads services for your clients. Learn more about our partnerships by contacting us today.

We also provide Facebook Ads consulting to help answer questions and provide expert guidance in the areas where you need extra assistance.

Social Media FAQ

Question: Why do I need social media marketing?

Answer: Social media marketing is making your business present in places where prospects and customers usually go to, which nowadays are mostly the social media sites. And in order for these social media fans, followers and friends to know about your business, brand, product or service, the best way is to get your site active in social media sites. With social media marketing, you are able to:

  • Create and develop a brand awareness
  • Easily monitor competitors and customers
  • Bring attention and buzz to your service and product
  • Boost customer trust and loyalty
  • Easily conduct market research
  • Get in touch with your customers in a personalized way
  • Market effectively without spending too much


Answer: While Outsource Force values both social media marketing and traditional marketing techniques, social media marketing offers an audience that is bigger in scale and more targeted. For businesses wanting to have a strong presence felt in the online community, the best platform are the social media sites where you are able to interact with people in the community, and you can build your authority on the industry that your business is involved in.