Effective Content Drives Traffic, Engagement, Retention and Sales.

At Frasca Digital, our marketing and SEO services include content creation strategies.

We address the needs of your target audience and help you make important decisions about how to organize and rethink existing content. We also work with you to create new content that improves audience engagement and organic search results. 


Our Content Process

We begin by conducting in-depth research on your company’s mission, voice, and target audience. We then identify and create user personas, user stories, and journey maps. Our content strategists perform a complete content audit to examine your website’s existing content and architecture to identify information gaps. Our keyword research provides insight into what your users already search for as well as new topic opportunities. Each step of this process contributes to crafting a well-rounded content creation plan. 

Content Audit

A content audit examines your site’s existing content and architecture before moving forward with a content migration or redesign. Our content strategists and developers work together to perform comprehensive audits by using your website’s existing URL structure to map legacy content. This means that you’ll never lose your site’s most valuable content during the implementation phase of the project.

Competitor Content Gap Analysis

A content gap analysis provides valuable insight into your competitor’s content. Our team utilizes the information from a content gap analysis to identify the topics and search terms that your competitor currently ranks better than you in, as well as the keywords they aren’t targeting. Determining these search terms allows you to target them with your new content. 

Keyword Research

Keyword research identifies popular search terms and phrases in an attempt to figure out which keywords to compete for. Our team conducts in-depth keyword research to give you a better understanding of the demand for certain terms and an idea for how to compete with competitors for those terms to rank better in organic search. 

Content Creation Plan

A content creation plan gives your content a purpose. Our content strategists help you identify your target audiences and a variety of content types and channels that will help you deliver content to them. An effective content creation plan ensures that your content is distributed through the proper channel to reach your target audiences. 

Expert Copywriting

Connect with your audience through credible and compelling content. Effective copywriting help establishes a brand presence, keeps your audience engaged, and improves your site’s SEO. Our team writes strategic content for every client and has experience writing website copy, blog posts, social media posts, eBooks, white papers, customer testimonials, case studies, and more.  


Search engine optimization is an integral part of driving traffic to your website. Our team optimizes your site’s SEO through meta descriptions, keyword research, alternative image text, URL structure, and strategic inbound and outbound linking. Our experts build an additional structure to the backend of your Drupal site to allow for easy management of your site’s SEO while allowing for customization.

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