Growth Starts with SEO

Frasca Digital knows all the rules of SEO and how to help narrow the gap between you and your competitors.


How it works?

Step 1: Discover

Tell us everything! Your company and competitors. Your goals and objectives. Your ideal customer and what they want and need when they go looking on search engines. Heck, we’ll listen to your dreams and nightmares, too.

Step 2: Audit

A website audit is the first step towards optimizing your company for search engine visibility, better ranking, and ultimately, more desired actions taken on your website. We will review your site, analyze it for technical shortcomings, compare it to your competition and provide you a comprehensive report with recommendations for correcting known issues.

Step 3: Research

This is where we get our hands dirty and put some data behind the opportunities available to your company: both low-hanging fruit and higher-effort targets. What content and keywords absolutely need to be part of your SEO strategy? This step is crucial to maximizing your return, which is something we’re pretty serious (and transparent) about.

Step 4: Create

Here’s where our creative talent builds A+ content mapped to your ideal customer’s search intent at every step of the journey—all of it based on our in-depth keyword/opportunity research (see step #2).

Step 5: Optimize

Put us in, coach! Our swarming hive of SEO experts, web developers and digital marketing specialists will conduct comprehensive on-site optimizations for your entire web domain, from how your site is structured and organized, to deep-dive code optimizations.

Step 6: Trust

Google only promotes the most popular and qualitative websites on the first page. The same fundamental thing guides people, businesses, and search engines: credibility. We’ll build a strong, authority-building backlink portfolio of digital relationships from reputable websites.

Small Business

SEO for Companies of All Sizes

No two companies are the same, so we built our SEO services to scale any business, regardless of size or location in the US:

  • Local Businesses
  • Small & Medium Sized Businesses
  • E-commerce
  • National Companies
  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

More Than Just Keywords & Rankings

Treat yourself to a true SEO partnership tailored to your specific goals and objectives, thanks to our always-improving mix of services, strategy and expertise.

  • Onboarding & Benchmarking
  • SEO Audit & Gap Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Strategy
  • On-Page SEO
  • Google Anlaytics, Search Console & Tag Manager
  • Internal & External Link Building
  • Content & Creative Services
  • Project Management
  • Monthly Analytics & Reporting
Website Design

On-Page SEO

Expand the keywords and phrases your website is ranking for by incorporating on-page SEO best practices! From keyword research to blog post copywriting, and everywhere in-between, our ability to stretch your organic search traffic starts with our content strategies.

Backlinks (Off-Page SEO)

After years of backlink building, Frasca Digital has the recipe for success to diversify and improve your backlink portfolio. Our manual and hands-on approach to gaining backlinks for your website is unmatched by any SEO agency in Baltimore, MD – and we can prove it. Increase your website’s Domain Authority today with our exclusive monthly backlink packages.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Google also ranks your website based on how it performs and whether or not it can understand the content of your website. Structuring this data is our bread and butter, and we follow all best practices.

Customers are reviewing companies just like yours every day on directory websites, and a single negative review could lead to a harmful impact on your reputation, and bottom line. Our Local SEO and reputation management solutions help get you more and increase the ranking of your reviews online.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

To be or not to be – that is the question. Without SEO-driven content or copywriting on your website, you might as well not exist at all in organic search results. Have no fear! Frasca Digital crafts qualitative content cadences for clients who are looking to improve their brand’s digital visibility and brand awareness. Blog posts, targeted landing pages and high-quality copywriting are at the core of our approach to developing profitable content services and strategies.

Local SEO Services

It’s important to make sure that customers can find you locally, or even when they’re in your exact neighborhood. If you don’t pay attention to your local search presence, then you could be missing out on a number of opportunities to get more phone calls and foot traffic.

Our well-executed local SEO marketing strategy will take your website to the top of local search results. We offer a variety of local search engine optimization services including Google My Business optimizationlocal citation buildingdirectory citation cleanup, and review management.

Dominate your company’s local market with our proven approach to local SEO services. Sometimes it can be as simple as using phraseology as “best SEO service in Baltimore,” but often, keyword stuffing rarely moves the needle. Instead, contact Frasca Digital today to learn more about how we help restaurants and other local small businesses with SEO


E-Commerce SEO

If you are running an online store, Frasca Digital’s E-commerce experts got you covered! E-commerce SEO takes care of optimizing key landing pages and each of the product pages for on-page factors. We take it a step further.

We’ll help you uncover hidden opportunities for promoting your products and store via social media shopping and relevant marketplaces (and Google Shopping).

Website Performance Optimization

Speed matters. Period. And it is one of the most critical ranking factors in Google’s Core Web Vitals. Performance optimization is at the core of search and conversion optimization. All your marketing efforts are a waste if your website does not load fast. User experience, conversions, website promotion, everything takes a backseat. We will review your hosting stack, caching, website configuration to nail it.

Site Performance

SEO Coaching & Education

All our plans include SEO consultation session. This gives us an opportunity to inform you about how things are shaping. We are always happy to extend our coaching and consultation services for you. We can also set-up a one-on-one SEO coaching on an as needed basis.

Mobile SEO

Mobile searches are trending. Mobile traffic now beats desktop traffic. This brings mobile SEO and optimization to the forefront of SEO plans and strategy for your business. It helps you reach your customers in the right place at the right time and and give them the very best experience. We closely review your site for mobile usability and consistently work on improving the mobile experience for search engines and end-users.

Paid Search
Voice Search

Voice Search SEO Services

Voice search is, to put it simply, using your voice to search for things. Rather than sitting down and typing up your question on Google, you can just ask your question aloud. This can be done by beginning your question with “OK Google,” “Hey Siri,” or “Alexa,” (depending on your device) to prompt an answer.

You can use voice search in your car, at home if you have a smart home device, search engines on a desktop with a mic, or on your mobile device. Voice search using a home device (Google Home, Amazon Echo, etc.) provides a way for users to browse the internet without actually having to use a website. This means they only get the number one ranked website to answer their question.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of your SEO strategy. It is no secret that “it all begins with words typed into a search box”. In this phase, we help you in identifying the “right keywords” which will help you in attracting the “right kind of visitors”. These keywords are essentially aligned with your product or service offerings and define the future content marketing strategy.

Keyword Research
Competitive Research

Competitive Research

As much as it is important for us to learn about you and your specific needs, it is equally important to learn about your niche market and online competitors. We will closely study their website, identify the keywords, review the content architecture and analyze their performance. We will use all this industry specific information to help you improve your rankings.

Monthly SEO Support

SEO is an ongoing process. It needs consistency and continuation of efforts to get the desired result. Our SEO plans are build for a minimum six months timeframe. We also offer long-term retainership and maintenance agreements. There is no lock-in period. You can pay as you go or get into a contract for three month increments.

FAQ and More Info

Your customers are out there searching every single day in Google for your products and services. Do you want to be found by them, above your competition, or to be invisible to you target audience in the search engines?

Study after study of consumer behavior has shown that good search engine exposure is key to building and growing your business in the “Google Age”.

Investing in SEO is therefore an incredibly wise decision.

Now you just need a trusted provider, with great customer service, integrity, affordable prices, no contracts, and powerful, unique SEO methodologies. And if you are reading this, the good news is, we have you covered on all of those fronts!

No need to look further for SEO services near you, our professional SEO services are at the cornerstone of Frasca Digital’s success. We’re not just SEO consultants, we are SEO professionals who truly understand all of the elements and variables that incrementally help your business grow.

Need affordable SEO services or a new SEO services company?

We have those too! Our monthly SEO packages can fit almost any budget. Frasca Digital is a leading expert in small business SEO services and crafts a monthly SEO service roadmap and SEO education to keep you in-the-know of how we make your money (and website) work for you.

Contact us today for a FREE SEO Competitor Audit.

In order to compete in search results, it’s important that your technical foundation is strong. Frasca Digital’s search engine optimization services always begin with a full website SEO audit, which involves reviewing on-page SEO and technical SEO areas. The technical areas include site performance, site structure, and indexation. The on-page elements involve content-related areas such as the user experience, metadata, URLs, and overall keyword analysis. Once our analysis is complete, then we’ll provide a full SEO audit report and custom SEO marketing strategy for moving forward. We’ll provide SEO reports and analysis on a regular basis.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization – the process of working around the code of your website, creating original content, and building links to improve your website ranking. Ultimately, the main goal is to place your website in the first page of google or on the number 1 spot of any search engines when a search query is performed. Search engines rank the sites according to how relevant the contents are pertinent to the search query made by the user.

Our SEO team will perform in-depth keyword research to discover relevant keyword opportunities in organic search results. Once we determine our targeted keywords, we will work with our content marketing team to optimize your website content, write new web content, and promote the content on the channels that make sense for you.

The benefits your business will enjoy from SEO from Frasca Digital are:

  • Increased site traffic which means increase in ROI. As more visitors check your website, the potential for leads conversion increases.
  • Long-term strategy aimed at providing profits and benefits on a long term basis as well. Frasca Digital would like your business to reap maximum benefits and for a prolonged and sustained period. This means keeping the site constantly updated with new and fresh contents in order not to lose its visitors, users and online friends.
  • Effective techniques achieve target goals and objectives. By clearly understanding the target profile, can customize the optimization techniques or elements targeted at specific user group.
  • Profits gained with additional customers. A highly optimized and interactive site will increase the chances of having new customers taking action to make a sale.
  • Brand, products and services are promoted through effective means. Maintaining your site’s high ranking can get people to talk about your business, brand or product, and services.
  • Increased online visibility allows more people to visit your site. More people visiting your site can translate later on to qualified leads conversions.

Frasca Digital only does White Label SEO also known as White Hat SEO. This means we build links manually (no automated software), write original content (no article spinner), and mange your social accounts manually (no hootsuite).

SEO is a long process intended for businesses with long term objectives or goals. With search engines regularly and constantly updating their algorithms which means adjustment on affected SEO elements need to be done in order to maintain its ranking, and improve (if not yet the highest ranking received yet) the site’s page ranking.

Frasca Digital is very transparent in quoting the price for the desired services. There are no hidden charges or surprises. And because the services can be customized to the needs of the clients or the business, each client having a different need from the others, there can be no fixed or standard pricing scheme. With a highly-personalized service, Frasca Digital will only be too happy to discuss pricing details after knowing the requirements of the business for the products or services availed.

Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, is the practice of improving the quality of content on a website in order to increase the quantity of traffic coming from organic search results. When it comes down to it all, SEO is about fully understanding what people are trying to find online so you can connect with them. SEO is important because search engines are what bring the most traffic to websites. An optimized website will help your company become more visible in search results organically.

There are many different types of search results that appear when a user searches for something in a search engine. Organic search results are not paid for and appear below the paid ads and Google Maps listings.

We determine the keywords to use on a website through keyword research. Keyword research allows understand what your audience wants to find by looking at average search volumes, user intent, and the types of content people like to see for different topics. It’s important to ask the right questions when trying to decide on the right topics and set of keywords.

SEO is an ever-changing practice that needs to have detailed updates now and then, especially since search engines are getting smarter and digging deeper and deeper into websites and their content as well as getting better at understanding user experiences and intent. A long-term SEO strategy will allow you to find new ranking opportunities allowing you to reach more customers online. With a long term state-of-mind and an appreciation for the small important details, SEO can enhance your online presence incredibly.

You can definitely implement some basic SEO stuff yourself, but it could become very time-consuming depending on the complexity of your website, your willingness to learn, and the competitiveness of your industry. Working with SEO experts can save you a lot of time and money, as well as give you the ability to look at SEO from a more technical perspective than just the surface.

Answer: By visiting the homepage of Frasca Digital at you can fill out the “Free analysis request form” and this will activate the concerned team from Frasca Digital to get in touch with you to discuss the results of such analysis and how Frasca Digital can assist you in your specific needs.

We invested over six-figures in an e-commerce website design with Frasca Digital and it was the best decision we ever made. The revenue from our website doubled within 3-months after launching the new site. Unreal…

Hamish H.

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