SEO Made Easy: 9 Quick Tips to Rank Your Website


Yeah – SEO services can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some quick and easy SEO wins you can do on your own. These somewhat rudimentary yet significant SEO tips can easily be implemented to any WordPress or easily editable website framework.

Our advice would be to look into implementing these changes one at a time so you can better appreciate the process and see how each of these variables contributes to your website’s SEO performance.

Enough tantalizing – let’s dive in!

1. Give Love to Page Titles and Headers!

SEO starts here. Website page titles, meta descriptions and even content section headers need to be optimized:

  • Start the title tag with your target keywords.
  • Add numbers or modifiers to your title: For example, “guide” or “2021”
  • Insert these keywords in an <h1> tag.

2. Use a LOT of Multimedia

Engaging videos, images, diagrams are all work great. Multimedia can help reduce bounce rates and increase the time people spend on your site. If your multimedia content quality is good enough, it may also attract some backlinks!

3. Drop Target Keywords in the First 100 Words

You don’t have to go super technical with SEO. A simple technique like this will help search engines to better understand the topic of your page.

4. Make your Website Mobile Responsive

This may be a bit more technical for some, but every website should be responsive to mobile devices. In other words, your website needs to be able to fit into any mobile device so the user experience mitigates tarnishment.

Google recently accounted their “mobile first” approach to indexing websites, which basically means you are indexed according to the mobile version of your site.

5. Insert Outbound Links

Just like in high school, it is good to link to your references. While you don’t need to worry about APA formating your content, Google will give you an attaboy for linking to authoritative resources.

It’s a relevancy signal that tells google more about the topic of your website and also boost your authority.

6. Use Internal Linking

You have a lot of important and educational content on your website. Why not link to other pages throughout your website?

You don’t have to go crazy about internally linking everything. Consider adding just 2 or 3 links to your relevant post or services page and that will do the job.

For an example of great internal linking, Wikipedia has mastered this.

7. Boost the Speed of Your Website

Page speed is a ranking signal. Also, people don’t like to wait a lot. You can compress your images or use advanced hosting plans to speed up your site.

8. Write long(er) Articles

Long-form content is all the rave. People want to learn about everything all in one place. Naturally, the more information you have on your website in one place, the more valuable that page is.

Long, in-depth articles tend to outrank short low-quality blog posts, especially those with FAQ content in them.

Consider writing blog posts with at least 1,000 words to get started.

9. Use LSI Keywords

In terms of SEO, Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords are search terms related to the main keyword you are targeting. They help to support your content and add more context to make it easier for both users and search engines to know what your content is about.

LSI keywords are synonyms google uses to determine the relevancy of your site. You can google your keyword and check out the related searches google shows at the bottom of the result page. Sprinkle some of these into your posts.

SEO Made Easy with Frasca Digital

Frasca Digital makes SEO look easy. Why? Because we have mastered the rules of SEO and know how to take website rankings to the next level.

Need help implementing any of these quick SEO wins above? Contact us today and we can take a look at your website for free.

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