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Having the intrinsic motivation to improve one’s SEO and Content Marketing skills is the first step towards getting new customers. If you are someone like me who dreads reading long blogs to learn things, or prefer different types of media to ingest, this short blog post is for you.

We have attended advanced SEO courses; watched dozens of webinars; and interact with SEO communities. Sadly, a majority of this information out there about SEO is fluff and salesy, so we’re only going to highlight the best SEO and content marketing resources. These resources are great for learning new things happening in the SEO world.

Best SEO Newsletters

Newsletters are the best source (After podcast) to learn new things happening in the SEO world, try new tools, and learn some new tricks.

These are some of my favorite SEO newsletters which are worth checking out (In no particular order)

  1. tl;dr Marketing
  2. Search news you can use – Marie Haynes
  3. Some good content – John Bonini
  4. Content Folks on Substack.
  5. Seo Singh on Substack.
  6. SEOnotebook – Steve Toth
  7. Evidence-Based Marketing On Substack
  8. Ross Simonds Newsletter
  9. Harry from Marketing Examples
  10. Tilt – Joe Pulluzi

Top Podcasts for SEO and Content Marketing

Here are some of the podcasts which are an amazing way to get better at SEO and Content Marketing. (in random order)

  1. Search News You Can Use
  2. Experts on Wire
  3. Search With Candour
  4. The SEO Singh Show.
  5. The Blogging Millionaire
  6. Marketing Speak
  7. Search Engine Journal Show
  8. Authority Hackers.
  9. Earned Media Podcast.
  10. The Joe Rogan Experience (Lol, just kidding)

Educational SEO Resources on YouTube

Here is the list of YouTube channels that can help sharpen and improve blogging skills and SEO skills:

  1. Income School
  2. Shaun Marrs.
  3. Matt Diggity
  4. Ahrefs
  5. SEMrush
  6. Brian Dean
  7. The SEO Singh Show
  8. Nathan Gotch
  9. Passive Income Geek.
  10. SEO Fight Club
  11. Neil Patel (Again, look at your face. Lolz).

Non-Spammy Facebook SEO Groups

There is a ton of educational SEO resources out there, and a lot of them are filled with spam. Below is a list of the best Facebook SEO groups we are aware of:

  1. SEO Signals Lab.
  2. SEO and Content Marketing.
  3. Affiliate SEO Masterminds.
  4. SEO Launchpad
  5. The Proper SEO Group (Lil spammy but worth it).
  6. Internet Marketing Gold – SEO Science
  7. White Hat SEO
  8. Dumb SEO Questions

Sign-up for the Best SEO Resources: Newsletters, Podcasts, and More!

None of us have time to digest all of these SEO resources at once. Consider signing up for at least one of these content marketing newsletters, podcasts, YouTube channels and start ranking your website with SEO today!

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