LITELUME Manufacturing



Project Overview:

LITELUME (LL) is a well-established manufacturer of light fixtures and needed assistance creating awareness of their brand and increasing touch points with their customers.

In our always-on digital environment, LITELUME recognized an opportunity to implement marketing technology and digital marketing into their day-to-day operations.

LL knew they had a great website, but it was not working for them, nor were they tracking website activity in Google Analytics.

LITELUME partnered with Frasca Digital to:

  • Act as LL’s Digital Marketing Expert & Advisor
  • Manage & Manipulate Product Data
  • Design, Develop & Enhance Current Website
  • Develop & Execute Content & SEO Strategies
  • Implement Email Marketing Best Practices


Website Design & Digital Marketing

LITELUME needed a lot of help from us, so we setup a monthly retainer to assist with the following digital marketing services.

Services Rendered:

  • Project & Vendor Management
  • Website Design, Architecture & Development
  • Content Strategy & SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM & Database Management
  • Data Analytics Reporting


  • WordPress
    • Including Many 3rd Party Apps/Plugins
  • Zoho (CRM & Email Marketing Tool)
  • QuickBooks

WordPress and WooCommerce Management Services

Looking to grow your manufacturing operations?

Contact Frasca Digital today for a free website consultation or for monthly e-commerce website maintenance, design, marketing and SEO services. Our digital team of experts provide digital marketing and technical support for all of your marketing technologies.

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