Who is Frasca Digital?

Frasca Digital is a digital marketing services and website development consulting firm in Baltimore, Maryland.

We are a band of digital and creative marketing rebels who are not satisfied nor content with grinding our lives away in an agency, or dying from boredom within an in-house marketing department. Instead, we want to take control of our careers and make a huge difference while we do it.

Experienced Pros

With experience in multi-billion dollar companies and holding positions within some of the largest agencies in the US, we fear nothing and firmly believe solutions are available for every problem. We’re addicted to learning.

Needless to say, we’re ahead of the curve compared to other consultants and agencies in Baltimore, Maryland – oh, and we cost less too because we aren’t bloated with executive salaries or the overhead cost of the top floor office space overseeing Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

“‘If you want to pay more and receive less, then Frasca Digital may not be right for you.’ – Michael Scott” – Anthony Frasca

Keeping it Real (Simple)

In our business, we prefer to keep things personal and intimate rather than passing our clients from one account manager to another.

We don’t have investors, and our clients are our boss. We love our bosses and keep it simple – isn’t that how it’s supposed to be?

We. Are. Underdogs.

We love underdogs because we are one. We know the struggles of our clients because we experience the same hardships growing our young firm in an otherwise mature market.

We have a chip on our shoulder to prove that we’re better – because we are.

(…for the record, we love regular dogs, too!)

Our Mission

Offer effective and affordable digital marketing solutions to elevate brands of all sizes and industries, while dispelling the myth that digital marketing and website design has to be expensive.

The experienced team of digital experts at Frasca Digital are fondly familiar with working in multi-billion dollar environments, small-medium sized businesses, and marketing agencies, along with exposure to a diverse set of industries:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Restaurants
  • Manufacturers
  • Suppliers & Distributors
  • E-commerce
  • B2B Services
  • Real Estate
  • Marijuana
  • Technology
  • …and plenty more!

Minorities are the mission…

We talk business a lot, but we do care deeply about our clients and the local Baltimore communities as well. At Frasca Digital, we are minorities, which makes minorities a critical and foundational part of our company’s mission.

The hallmark of our operations hails in our ability to help others succeed. Female, veteran, disabled and black-owned businesses are integral to our company’s core philosophy.


The inception of Frasca Digital was founded on the inherit need for companies to digitally transform and evolve with the modern consumer. We pride ourselves in helping the facilitation and implementation of digital marketing best practices that align with our clients’ organizational objectives.


We don’t think business needs to be complicated or filled with buzz words like some of those other agencies. We believe in being fair; educating clients; and delivering results. Our values extend to providing affordable marketing options for women-owned and minority-owned business.

Digital Services we Offer

Digital marketing is not a silo – it is a web of connectivity and engagement between your brand and your consumers. With this in mind, Frasca Digital approaches client projects and monthly retainers with a holistic suite of tools to shift brands from where they are, to where they wish to be.

These marketing and website development services include:

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