9 Must-Have SEO Shopify Apps to Boost Traffic


First thing’s first: SEO’s hate Shopify. One of the major reasons for the same is that most of the SEO’s learn On-Page SEO on WordPress and not edit in Shopify Codes frustrate them. Though I won’t disagree that there are some of the issues with Shopify SEO, it’s not something that can stop your store from ranking.

So here are 9 Shopify Apps that can help with SEO, which I like in terms of boosting SEO performance of our clients’ stores:

1. Related Blog Posts

There are paid and unpaid version of this app. Its the perfect app to create interlinks between your blogs and send a visitor from one page to another page. This also helps in decreasing the bounce rate and increase page time. In the free app, you cannot choose which blog will show below which one but in paid apps you can.

2. Yotpo Product Reviews & Photos

You can go with Shopify free app, or there are paid apps with better features, but the major benefit of this app is the Schema Markup which shows on google when people search for your product and can increase your CTR in return. (Yes, those cute little stars in search results.)

3. Langshop / Translate Shop

Now, this app is for anyone who is selling the product worldwide. Having your store created in different languages and indexed in the local language is a blessing itself. I personally found this expensive in the start till I saw the traffic from France increasing slowly.

4. AMP by Shop Sheriff

Now AMP pages suits some of the website owners, and some hate it. It makes your pages Lightning Fast. My personal suggestion is to go with Fire AMP and tell them only to put AMP on the blogs and not on any other website pages. Do it only if you are using the blogs for interlinking products not doing any kind affiliate ads or have any form on your blogs.

5. Easy FAQ Page – NDA pages

One of my favourite FAQ app which adds FAQ Schema as well on the page. If you mix this app with Alsoasked tool and put FAQ below every blog post, you have a good chance of getting featured in Google’s People Also Ask section.

6. Sticky Add To Cart BOOSTER PRO

This is a simple and free app that stores the cookies and increases the visitor’s page speed in their 2nd and 3rd visit. Also helps with shopping cart conversions.

7. SEO, JSON LD, Schema.

Now Schema is a very complicated subject for Shopify because of the ability to put codes between pages. Now there are a lot of apps. Which have simplified schema markups and some of them even charge one-time amount for the same. These are must-have. Also, don’t install 2 schema apps at one time. It will really complicate the stuff for you.

8. TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

Tiny IMG is really amazing when it comes to decreasing the image size without compromising with its quality. Hence, it can really help to increase page speed.

9. Web Stories / StorifyMe: Engaging experience

Web Stories will be the next big thing in SEO. There are now few options on the app store for this. Soon enough web stories will be shown in branded search results of your store, and it can also help a lot with conversions.

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