8 Biggest SEO Mistakes Shopify Store Owners Make


Disclaimer: These are some of the common patterns we see whenever we get a Shopify client for SEO consultation:

  1. Apps: Downloading too many apps reduces your website speed. You are better off paying experts for customizations than going for an app for every small feature you need.
  2. Keyword Cannibalization – Many pages are competing with each other on the same keyword; hence no page is showing in search. For example, If I sell leather boots and put the meta title of a product as “Best leather boot,” and then I go ahead and write a blog on “5 Best leather Boot”, it won’t work. Google can only show one page on this query.
  3. Not Optimizing Category Pages: Category pages needs their meta titles and their own 1 paragraph description with optimized keywords.
  4. Broken Links: Don’t delete the product once it’s out of stock. Keep it out of stock till you have another product to replace it with.
  5. Schema: Get Schema done for your store or find an app regarding the same.
  6. Images: Don’t use copied stock images on blogs. Get your original images and name the image as a keyword. Don’t forget about alt tags.
  7. Not uploading enough blogs: You want to beat amazon on google? Do one thing that Amazon doesn’t do. Write more blogs.
  8. Optimize Product Pages: The more products you have, the better opportunities you have. Create a keyword cluster and use it on product pages.

Want to Avoid Mistakes with Your Shopify Store?

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