7 Must-Have Content Marketing Strategies for 2022


If you haven’t heard, content is king. And if you aren’t currently producing any content, you’re probably reading this article for a good reason.

From our experience, we know that business owners are busy generating, well, more business.

We get it, developing content isn’t easy. It’s expensive and time-consuming, and who knows if it will even work – right?

In this article, we’ll break down why content is so important and the top content marketing strategies you can implement into your marketing mix.

Why is Content so Important?

Why is content king? Welp, content is one of the only ways a business is able to connect with customers and promote themselves. Without a content strategy, there’s likely a lack of activity.

We have seen a single email send generate $20k+ in revenue, and even a blog post provide 10x ROI within 2-months. The point is, content is key to getting the sales you want.

Here are our 7 Content Marketing Strategies for any brand to be successful in 2022:

1.) Double Down On Video Content

Video marketing is the future of SEO and Content Marketing. Especially when it comes to “How To” type of queries, videos will perform any day better than written text. 72% of consumers say they would prefer a video over written text. Even in search the video snippets are taking over the first ranking blogs + google is testing out Instagram stories / Reels videos in SERP.

2.) More Email Marketing!

Emailers are making a big comeback. Especially if you really want to nurture a lead, try Substack. One of my fitness client is publishing one fitness tip of the day daily and sending it as a newsletter without trying to sell anything. She gets more leads from Substack newsletters then any of her social media.

3.) More Quality. Less Quantity

As I said, when you create whether it’s a blog or for Instagram post, go the extra mile for the quality content. If you expect some good traffic from SEO, make sure the blog is the best blog out there on the 1st page. If you can, invest in tools like SurferSEO or page optimizer or something on similar lines to understand NLP and LSI Keywords.

4.) Original Research & Topics

One of the easiest way to get covered in various publications and get backlinks is to put your original research out there. Everyone is just repurposing other people content and putting their own point of views. Google is definitely rewarding all the unique researched articles which tags the studies as well.

5.) Be the First

Something big happened in your industry? Be the first one to cover it, write about it and create a youtube video about it. If its a problem and your brand is the solution to it, you will receive a huge number of sales overnight.

6.) Be a Thought Leader & Authority

Set up your brand as an authority one specific niche. Whether its marketing or sneakers or fitness and nutrition, be the authority of the same in the industry. Every social media or blogging channel should consider you an expert in that specific industry. Start giving value, and you will find followers and viewers soon.

7.) Create Once. Publish Everywhere. Distribute Forever.

Also known as “Evergreen Content”, content repurposing and content distribution is currently and will continue to be the next big thing in content marketing. Every time you create a 1-minute video, think about how many different channels can you publish it. Can you also make it into a story and a reel? How about youtube shorts? Every 6 months, your followers are growing. Can you republish the evergreen content again?

If yes, then go for it.

8.) Content Syndication & Sponsorship

Let’s face is – the world of Public Relationships and Sponsored Content has blurred the lines of authenticity of just about every online publication. As such, your brand should hop on the bandwagon and work with local or national publications to share and promote your content. The prices for niche industry postings will be more expensive, but usually generate better referral traffic and SEO benefits.

Need a Quality Content Strategy?

Frasca Digital develops and curates uniquely competitive content strategies for each of our customers. Contact us today to lear about we can connect your brand with the world.

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