5 Actionable Tips to Increase E-commerce Sales!


If you have done it right, in the past year with all the business opportunities in lock down, your e-commerce website would’ve turned things upside down for you. Psychologically speaking, for certain products/services, most of the customers still prefer the direct way of purchasing it. That is, physically being there on the spot while making the purchase. But the pandemic year, raised the bars for digital India, and the people are happy to order even the daily veggies, meat, and groceries, including milk through online shopping. With this rise in the usage of e-commerce apps websites and ecommerce seo services, more and more avenues are getting opened for online shopping.

Setting up a virtual mall where a user can buy all the products he/she wants, witness how those products are, analyze each aspect of that in detail with the help of user reviews and ratings, sometimes even expert talks, similar to physical shopping, clicked big time. Considering the 2020 pandemic year as “Year Zero,” let’s see what you can explore in Year One, i.e., 2021.

1. Make the search engines find you (SEO)

With zero efforts from your targeted users, your website link should pop up in their top search results. Registering a brand in their minds may take more time, but it is essential to achieve that feat. Imagine a user is in hurry to get a solution for their issue. They will automatically choose the top results from their search action. Placing your business in that league is necessary. Assuming people are lazy may work big time for you. Set real-time targets and let our e-commerce SEO services team work on them.

2. Stay on top organically

Once you have reached the saturation point and marched all towards the top spot, it is now time for your business to speak for itself. Now that you are receiving responses and visitors, more factors may or may not make them your customer. Right from the design aspects of your website to your quality of service including speed delivery, prices, etc may play a bigger role. Upon satisfactorily ticking all these boxes, you may continue to stay on top organically, both on the search results and on the minds of your customers. Another important aspect is letting the customer choose. You point out the positives about your products/service, even provide a comparative study citing the merits of choosing you over others… Now sit back and relax! Let them talk for you. An e-commerce SEO agency can help you in weaving this magic.

3. Making the pitch sound more personal!

Upon arrival, your e-commerce site will be automatically collecting data from your users, while they are registering. Collect the data, and an e-commerce SEO company may make it work for you. The dates of anniversaries, birthdays may come in handy to draft a more personal pitch. This will keep your customers loyal, happy, interested, and satisfied. Special discount coupons or related pitching during their calendar days may get a higher click-through rate and conversion rate. Targeting in the right manner, of course with the consent of your customer will make them feel that you are not just trying to build a seller-customer relationship, but a more amicable one.

4. Social marketing and video demos

Being social means going viral. Our packages of SEO services for e-commerce websites can be customized to include some social media marketing, which includes setting up a profile for you on the medium that best suits your business needs. Cultivating the right customers through social media may increase your sales big time. For Social engagement, always push your best products. Most of the businesses gain larger revenues through selling some of their iconic products in a considerably lesser number compared to selling their second-row products in abundance. That is 80% of your revenue, may come from 20% of your products. Concentrate on such products and do a detailed video portraying their benefits. Video demonstrations are more soulful pitches when it comes to e-commerce marketing. Always remember that text ads sell products, while videos sell the emotions behind them.

5. Boost your business with better software + intelligence

Staying up to date on the technological front is important to attract more customers and also to keep the existing customers. Every day, something new pops up in e-commerce website management, e-commerce analytics services, and much more. An e-commerce SEO firm may help you in keeping your website updated in line with the current trends and technology. Rather than going for just MasterCard or VISA, make sure your website has multiple payment gateways for user convenience. Digital wallets such as PayTM, Google Pay, and other UPI-based services are hassle-free for customers and no wonder they will prefer the same. Remember the cutting-edge software of your e-commerce software has the potential to double your business, if not triple it. Providing the right information with proper design aesthetics and with the latest technology may gain more popularity.

At Frasca Digital, we will be more than happy to show you the right way to boost up the sales of your e-commerce business. Reach us now to know more about our e-commerce packages.

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