What Products saw the Most Growth on Black Friday 2020?

2020 was the year of bread makers, DIY projects, and a whole lot of Bob Ross painting sessions at home. Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2020 were different, but people still spent a whole lot of money.

In fact, U.S. shoppers spent a record $34.36 billion on retail websites over the five-day period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, up from $28.49 billion for the same period last year. Digital revenue missed projections as more shoppers heeded retailer warnings to shop earlier to avoid out-of-stock items or shipping delays and took advantage of pre-Thanksgiving discounts.

Frasca Digital has the ability to crawl and categorize more than a million Shopify E-commerce stores and all their products weekly. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) coming up soon here in 2021, we decided to do a deep dive into our historical data for black Monday of 2020, and here are the products that saw the most growth during that time.

Here’s the chart:

RankingProductNumber Of ProductsGrowth in BFCMProducts
1Monitors4472356%View All
2Vitamins & Lifestyle Supplements82401322%View All
3Colllectibles9544505%View All
4Gift Box10408456%View All
5Headphones17606338%View All
6Furniture1898331%View All
7Yarn Crafts1863301%View All
8Action Figures 
2244270%View All
9Tablets629280%View All
10Herbs and Spices5028277%View All

Going by the number of products, It was mostly the same as always and it was clothing that ruled the top there. Here’s how it looks:

RankingProductNumber Of ProductsGrowth in BFCMProducts
1Tops155431-3%View All
2Bags and Hanbags1323255%View All
3Dresses12963723%View All
4T-Shirt1101421%View All
5Earrings7714022%View All
6Necklace58512-4%View All
7Gfit Cards57132218%View All
8Home Improvements 
444077%View All
9Books3740737%View All
10Lightings3087524%View All

How did we get the data? We took the data from the BFCM week and also added the moving average of the 8 weeks prior to that week, and yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

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